EDM Ghost Producers (Why We Use Them)

Why Use EDM Ghost Producers?

For EDM Ghost Producers, there have been some negative news in the past on the whole subject. The big question is whether or not ghost producing for EDM artists is right or wrong – many people I have asked in the industry personally don’t think it matters either way. I’ll explain.

The fact is that not everyone knows a software like the back of their hand.

Some people are better at coming up with ideas for song rather than knowing the technicalities to getting it to professional sounding quality.

In fact a huge majority of artists (specifically vocalists) on the Top 40 charts, don’t even produce their own songs.

A simple wikipedia search on a popular song will reveal what producer’s actually wrote and worked on the track.

Why Ghost Produce in the first Place?

So as many people know that these artist don’t make their own music, why is the EDM Ghost Production Scene so hated for such practice?

One of the main reasons I think people can have negative view on the whole industry of ghost producing, is that they just see it as cheating.

In some ways they are right.

An electronic artist has pretty much one job, to produce a hit track.

People seem to not care whenever it’s a vocalist, it’s already assumed they did not make that instrumental or beat.

They had a team of producers help them out with it, they most likely didn’t even lay down the idea for it.

But they don’t have to, because that’s not what sells, their voice is what sells and that’s what people come for.

However in the electronic music industry, this view of cheating, is very off-putting to a lot of people.

It’s simply out of necessity, because they don’t have the time to sit there watch the thousands of hours on FL studio tutorials or ableton tutorials, hoping that they find just the right videos that are teaching them the right techniques.

Sound design, mixing, song theory, mastering techniques, and plenty of other vital techniques take a lot of time to learn of course.

Granted, there’s a lot of people that can do that, and more power to them that’s amazing. But just because someone doesn’t have 100% of the technical know-how, doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be an artist at all.

It’s not all or nothing, they’re probably really great in other areas and that’s why they need an edm ghost producer help to bring them to the next level.

Now of course the content writer of an EDM goes production site is going to be a little biased about this, but I figured facts about current artists that use goes producers would help dissipate the whole whether it’s right or wrong argument.

It really doesn’t matter, it is necessary that ghost producers exists.

They exist in every single genre of music, just because electronic music usually features no vocals, that doesn’t mean they’re magically excluded from having goes producers.

It’s either all of them or none of them, when you start picking and choosing which are OK and understandable, and which feel like cheating, the argument starts to lose its weight (in my opinion of course).

A little anecdote

I remember when I started producing, I always found it frustrating that I could not get my tracks to sound like the pros. No matter what YouTube videos I watched what books I read or what seminars I attended, there’s no real guide to it, you kind of are on your own to figure it out.

You’re lucky if you can find a mentor that’s willing to teach you all the shortcuts, but that’s just not realistic to expect that be the case for most producers or even a good portion of them. So if you have great ideas and understand music very well, letting some technical issues that you can’t figure out because you don’t have the right guy shouldn’t prevent you from becoming an artist when you can become very successful at it. Take Diplo for example, he’s one of the most famous electronic producers who openly admits to using the help of other producers on a regular basis.

He even explains why he thinks it’s nothing good or bad.

Should Diplo just never make music because he doesn’t understand the software like others do but he has the knowledge of what make something sound good and how to structure songs properly?

The demand for behind-the-scenes ghost producers for EDM will not change, if anything all the negative publicity brings more exposure to the industry as a whole, increasing the demand.


TL;DR It doesn’t matter if it’s right or wrong to use it goes producer in electronic music, the only fact is that because it goes through Sears, people of been able to create really amazing music where as they wouldn’t have been able to otherwise because they did not understand the technicalities of a computer software as well as someone else does.