EDM Ghost Producers & How Much Do They Cost?

EDM Ghost Producers
Price is the number one determining factor on most services. Music production is no different. Cheap prices are going give you a cheap result, every time.

In the music production industry you get what you pay for more than any thing else I can think of. This is not something you can outsource to India or have done in China. It is very specific custom work that is usually just done by other successful EDM artists.

Track prices on the internet typically range from $700 all the way to $1500+. We tend to stay out of the $1500 range unless something is extremely custom, requires vocal mixing, requires lyrics that need to be written, the whole 9 yards.

A great way to estimate what a track would costs, in general – not just for us, would to be the genre rule of thumb.

What is the Rule of Thumb for Ghost Producer Costs?

Typically easier genres such as tech house, techno, or anything that is just simple and repeats over and over again, will cost less money of course. These take far less time then something like future base, I relatively new or genre with a lot of complexity. We’ve seen competitors charging $700 for the drop alone! This is just the reality, supply and demand. There is a big demand for this, and little supply, I won’t be surprise when one day everyone is goes producing for everyone, and tracks will cost $50 but at that point it won’t be worth it to make want to becomes that saturated.

The main determining factor on price is genre and complexity. Basically how much time will it take a producer to make this sound you want. If you’re asking for a lot, you’re going to pay lot. If you’re asking for something simple, you’re going to pay a much smaller amount. But getting something simple is something you can make yourself so why not get something that is professional and commercial quality